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NCookieAA: Round 1, Flight 3
June 25, 2014

Archway Frosted Lemon
Mother's Iced Oatmeal
PF Milanos, milk chocolate
GS Trefoils/Scoteas/Shortbread
GS Do-Si-Dos/PB Sandwich
Archer Farms Dipped Macaroons
McVitties Hob Nobs, milk
Microwaveable S'Mores
Bahlsen Hit Vanilla
Keebler Pecan Sandies
Vienna Fingers
Newtons, Apple
Snackwell's Crème Sandwich
LU Petit Ecolier, dark
Pocky Strawberry
Anna's Ginger Thins
Famous Amos Choc Chip
Teddy Grahams

I think it is pretty obvious that whenever Girl Scout cookies are in the fray, they will dominate. That said, I still need to spout off on these two: in the first place, the Girl Scouts have CLEARLY been skimping on the peanut butter in the Do-Si-Dos (I grew up in MN calling and selling these as Hoedowns, by the way) to the point where the resulting smear can now only be seen under a microscope. In the second place, the Trefoils (which will always always be Scoteas) have gotten so thick and dry that they now require an entire glass of water just to get a single bite down! WHEN I WAS A KID, Scoteas were so thin and delicate and light and yet, for all of that, each cookie was incredibly buttery and rich. You could never stop at just one.

I wonder if Girl Scout cookies would be so beloved or popular if we had access to them all year. Hmm. It's a philosophical conuncrumb.

Does anyone else remember those microwaveable s'more cookies? I know at least one of you does since you nominated it. Those were some crazy-ass cookies! Individually wrapped in plastic, they were graham crackers stacked with a piece of chocolate and a layer of marshmallow that PUFFED when you zapped it in the microwave. It was so awesome. I'm thinking if anyone has tracked their history, Gael has.

To be fair, slapping s'mores together from scratch and zapping them without a campfire seemed like cheating, but somehow these ready-made cookies didn't. If I recall, the weren't the best tasting cookies and the graham bottom sogged out every time, but the coolness of the concept more than made up for that.

Of all the Newtons, apple was my favorite. It was an entire apple pie contained in a single cookie. Genius. Pecan Sandies, Petit Ecolier, and Stroopwafels are lovely and amazing and I need to start stocking all of them again.

Where Hob Nobs are concerned: there was a time when we loved these so much and they were so hard to find in the US that one of our wedding guests arrived in Minnesota from England with several rolls in his luggage for us. When we honeymooned in the UK later that year, we came home with Swiss Rolls, 4 bottles of Trinity College/Cambridge port, and rolls upon rolls of Hob Nobs. That was almost 14 years ago, and now we can pretty much have them any time we want, which, of course means that we really don't. As for the debate between milk and dark (plain), I appreciate both milk and plain but in my old age, I have gravitated more toward milk.

Predictions: the Girl Scoutus will make it through as will Petit Ecolier and Mother's Iced Oatmeals. (I still remember the hew and cry when they almost had to shut down Mother's out here but it was ultimately saved.) I don't know what that last one will be. Surprise me, people! --Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic


At last, a relatively easy flight. That fifth slot is causing mild agita, but compared to previous rounds, when I felt like I was leaving little round children behind every time I voted, this one's a cinch: Archway Frosted Lemon; Mother's Iced Oatmeal (as sister companies, Archway and Mother's likely have the same formula); those little fat-bombs of my youth, Do-Si-Dos; and Bahlsen Hits. Annoying packaging just makes me fonder of them, somehow.

So what's #5? I do love a Ginger Thin, and I do love an Apple Newton -- but I've got to point to Vienna Fingers (sorry) (…not sorry) as my fifth pick. You just get me, fauxnilla flavoring.

What will you guys pick? The nominations spoke well for the Hob Nob, so I think that heads up the charge, followed by the Petit Ecolier, both Girl Scouts, and milk chocolate Milani. -- Sarah D. Bunting


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